Brass Rail

The Brass Rail is Rapid City's oldest bar. It has been at the same location under the same name since 1934. It was one of the original 8 saloons in Rapid City to receive a license after Prohibition, and still hangs the 'Old Saloon No.8' sign proudly. It is a third-generation family owned bar.


Shortly after Prohibition, the Brass Rail opened up as a beer parlor at 624-1/2 Saint Joseph St. It was half the size it is now, and customers used to squeeze themselves in after work, packing the place to the gills. It has since expanded, but has kept the small, comfy bar atmosphere its always had.


There is a lot of history to the Brass Rail, and many good memories from our customers and bartenders that have been coming here for decades. Just ask any of the staff about stories of the old souls that still hang around the 130-year-old building. What hasn't changed over the years is the Brass Rail family. Once you step foot inside and get to know the bartenders, the customers, and the history, you become part of our family.


Brass Rail Rapid City